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We envisioned creating something wholesome for the region. And we did!

A story that began over 47 years ago. A visionary and self-made man with many aspirations, passion, and determination, he embarked on a journey to make his mark in the business world. And that was the origin of "Ahmad A. Abed Trading Company".

The journey started from the simplicity of the trading concept to an enormous step into the bakery world, marking an important moment for the company. As the heart poured love and passion into each endeavor, AAA Trading Company became a thriving brand house.

We are now proudly at the forefront of manufacturing, supplying, and distributing bakery ingredients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.

Each chapter translates the extraordinary effort and hard work that shaped "Ahmad A. Abed Trading Company" into more than just a business; it's a story of determination.

Our deep love for what we do remains strong as we grow and evolve into multiple subdivisions and business sectors. That consists of Retail, manufacturing, projects, and high-end logistics solutions. It resonates in every product and service we create and offer. "Something that will forever exist at the heart of all we do.”



Our headquarters in Riyadh serves as the center for our strategy building, management, finance, and operations planning and control. It is where strategies and plans are born, and business models are developed to meet the needs of our clients and affiliated partners across the region. This mission aligns with our future business objectives. It is where we strive to exceed expectations and drive positive changes through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled services, commitment to quality, creativity, and customer-centricity.


Our Jeddah regional headquarters is the commercial, investment, and manufacturing arm of AAA TC. This is where most of our commercial and investment strategic decisions are shaped, planned, and executed. Our Jeddah HQ is driven by a dynamic team of professionals who collectively define the current and future roadmaps of AAA TC.


Advancing the future of bakery, trading and manufacturing in the Kingdom and abroad.

Ahmad A. Abed Trading Co. has been shaping the bakery industry for over 47 years, steering and evolving the needs of our partners, clients, and consumers in the dynamic market landscape of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Welcome to the Home of AAATC,

As you navigate our corporate identity, you'll realize the unique and distinguished achievements since our inception in 1978. These significant milestones and success stories, combined with our unwavering commitment to progress and service to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, highlight our aspiration to lead the baking industry with exceptional products that cater to a wide range of customers and consumer needs.


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