We envisioned creating something wholesome for the region. And we did!

A story that began over 47 years ago. A visionary and self-made man with many aspirations, passion, and determination, he embarked on a journey to make his mark in the business world. And that was the origin of "Ahmad A. Abed Trading Company ".

The journey started from the simplicity of the trading concept to a bigger step into the bakery world, marking an important moment for the company. As the heart poured love and passion into each endeavor, AAA Trading Company became a thriving brand house.

We are now proudly at the forefront of manufacturing, supplying, and distributing bakery ingredients in the Kingdom and the region.

Each chapter translates the extraordinary effort and hard work that shaped "Ahmad A. Abed Trading Company " into more than just a business; it's a story of determination.

Our deep love for what we do remains strong as we grow and evolve into multiple subdivisions and business sectors. That consists of retail, manufacturing, projects, and high-end logistics solutions. It resonates in every product we create and offer. "Something that will forever exist at the heart of all we do.”

Riyadh HQ

Our headquarters in Riyadh serves as the center for our strategy building, management, finance, and operations planning and control. It is where strategies and plans are born, and business models are developed to meet the needs of our clients and affiliated partners across the region, aligning with our future business objectives. It is where we strive to exceed expectations, drive positive changes through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled services, and commit to quality, creativity, and customer-centricity.

Riyadh hq

Jeddah HQ

Jeddah regional headquarters is the commercial, investment, and manufacturing arm of AAA TC. It is where most of our commercial and investment strategic decisions are shaped, planned, and executed. Our Jeddah HQ is driven by a dynamic team of professionals who collectively define the current and future roadmaps of AAA TC.

Jeddah hq

To set a benchmark in producing the finest baking ingredients, blending quality with innovation, and remain driven by our commitment to consumer satisfaction, growth, and creativity.


To revolutionize the baking experience by providing superior-quality ingredients to various industry segments and fulfilling the intricate needs of artisanal bakeries and confectionery business owners.

  • Advance production quality, ensuring every product resonates with our vision of culinary excellence.
  • Develop an efficient supply chain for product availability.
  • Respond to market trends with diverse, high-quality products.
  • Champion technological innovation to heighten production efficiency.
  • Maintain and elevate ethical and sustainable practices.
  • Foster a culture rich in learning and innovation among employees.
  • Strengthen and cherish relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Uphold our core values of integrity, customer dedication, and teamwork.


Our commitment to excellence is ever-evolving, an effort for improvement and a relentless pursuit to deliver the highest quality.


Using our creativity and industry expertise, we ride the waves of innovation, staying one step ahead of market trends to craft a future where uniqueness thrives.



Navigating the business landscape with a compass of honesty, transparency, and ethical standards, we redefine success with integrity at our core.

Customer Satisfaction

Focusing on customer satisfaction, we prioritize consumer needs to ensure a delightful experience for every individual.


We nurture a workplace where support is available for everyone by cherishing new ideas and empowering our team members at every step of the way.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ahmed Abdulwahab Abed Trading Company (LLC):

Welcome to the Home of AAATC,

As you navigate our corporate identity, you'll realize the unique and distinguished achievements since our inception in 1978. These significant milestones and success stories, combined with our unwavering commitment to progress and service to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, highlight our aspiration to lead the baking industry with exceptional products that cater to a wide range of customers and consumer needs.

AAATC was founded as an individual establishment in 1978 and has evolved into one of the leading companies producing and distributing bakery, cake, pastry, and confectionery supplies.

We undoubtedly take pride in our workforce, with more than 600 dedicated employees working to achieve our vision and goals in meeting the demands of all our customers with a serious commitment to providing high-quality and diverse products.

Our journey is marked by continuous growth and development. In 1991, we bolstered our production capacity and expanded our bakery mixes factory, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and extensive expertise and know-how.

In 2001, we broadened our manufacturing portfolio and introduced the confectionery dough production line. This expansion was a testament to our steadfast dedication to the highest quality and safety standards. Our commitment was further reinforced when we proudly achieved the ISO 22000:2018 FSMS certification in 2018.

Our commitment to R&D is a fundamental part of our operations. We've established a specialized research and development laboratory that plays a crucial role in product innovation and meeting customer expectations. Looking forward, we have ambitious plans to significantly formalize the additional capacity in production. That will increase from 14,000 tons to an impressive 40,000 tons annually; this strategic move and investment will position our brand, “BAKEMATE,” for even greater success in the future with the regional and global footprint from the GCC to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

I thank everyone who contributed to our company's success; we remain committed to excellence, innovation, and leadership and promise to continue providing high- quality products.

Best regards,

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ahmed Abdulwahab Abid Trading Company (LLC)