Advancing the future of bakery, trading and manufacturing in the Kingdom and abroad.

Ahmad A. Abed Trading Co. has been shaping the bakery industry landscape for 47 years, centering around the evolving needs of our partners, clients, and consumers in the dynamic market landscape of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our journey began with a single offering of dry instant yeast (Fermipan), and today, our portfolio spans over 4,500 distinct products, each designed to meet the diverse demands of the modern baker. A dedicated team of over 600 professionals drives our mission forward. We operate across a spectrum of services, from Manufacturing (Bakemate) and Trading to Retail (Cash and Carry) and Logistics, ensuring a seamless supply chain from our doors to yours.


Our Line of Businesses

The Essence of Baking & Manufacturing Craftsmanship

Our flagship, Bakemate, delivers consistency and excellence for all commercial baking and manufacturing purposes. Tracing its roots back to 1991, Bakemate began its journey with a baking powder plant, initially semi-automatic, evolving into a fully automated pneumatic mixing line in 2001, and the addition of a Rolling Fondant Line in 2016. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards is demonstrated by our prestigious certifications, including EN ISO 9001:2000 + HACCP (2006) and ISO 22000:2005 FSMS (2013).

Today, our state-of-the-art facility produces 150+ mixes, ranging from Baking Powders to Multi-cereal Breads. With on-site Research & Development, we tailor products to client needs. Currently at 15,000 tons annually, we are set to reach 32,000 tons by the end of 2024.

Moltaqa Alkhabbazeen:
Revolutionizing Baking Accessibility

Starting in 1995 with a unique sales strategy, Moltaqa Alkhabbazeen has grown into a renowned brand with 46 showrooms across the Kingdom. Our commitment to fostering deep customer relationships has culminated in the creation of comprehensive hubs, serving bakeries, pastry shops, and passionate home bakers alike.

With an ambitious roadmap leading to the inauguration of 10 additional showrooms by 2024, we are determined to uphold our commitment to providing high-quality manufactured products in affordable retail packaging - making baking accessible and economical for all.

Khadija Warehouse: Seamless Supply Chain

Khadija Warehouse anchors Ahmad A. Abed Trading Co.'s supply chain, ensuring swift and reliable delivery across our 30 showrooms and warehouses. Our strategic network outpaces traditional distribution, guaranteeing that every product, from staples to specialties, arrives precisely where it's needed when it's needed.

Our versatile fleet, from powerful 22-ton trucks to agile 3-ton vans equipped for dry, chilled, and frozen transport, safeguards the quality of our manufactured as well as baked products en route. This commitment keeps our operations fluid and our customers satisfied, marking Khadija Warehouse as a key player in Ahmad A. Abed Trading Co.'s promise of exceptional service and product integrity.